#YARC2019 reading challenge tbr

Hi, hello! newbie blogger here! (well to be fair I’ve tried at this a couple times but now I’m officially a newbie).

So cut to the chase. I love books. Yeah, no surprise right, that’s why you’re here if… anyone’s….here? *hehe* Okay yeah I love books so much, and I especially love diverse books, especially Asian inspired books ( sidenote; big Chinese historical drama fanatic over here!), so I’ve decided to join the #YARC2019 reading challenge as many people are. I love the blogs & admire the bloggers who created it, these being Shealea from Shut up Shealea, Vicky from Vicky who reads, CW from The quiet pond, and Lily from Sprinkles of dreams. Thanks so much for creating this!

✨Philippine Tarsier ✨

There are 6 levels (those being the number of books you plan to read) and I chose level one which you can see the name and badge of up above. This level is for reading 1-10 books inspired by Asia, by an Asian author, etc. To learn more about these levels click this https://vickywhoreads.wordpress.com/2019/01/14/9872/

These are the books I’ll read (note I’ve read some as arc this year already as I posted about this challenge very late lol & some are ongoing series):

Really beautiful cover 🥰

This one I’ve already read the eARC for last week. I was approved by Netgalley for an honest review & omg it was one of the best things that happened to me this year. Note that this was my first time using Netgalley & my first ever approval so the excitement was surreal. Also, I gave this book 4.75⭐️✨ As it was a total enjoyment & Mulan retelling are my favs.

This cover is the bomb!

I bought this one recently as it came out this month & I’m currently reading it for the second book of this challenge. Yay! It’s about to be two books down. I heard such great reviews for this one but I’ve only read 3 pages so my opinions have yet to form (will do a review of this one).


This year I said I was gonna read more LGBT+ character rep. books, especially lesbian representations, and so I picked this book up last year in December & now is the perfect time to read it. This book also has some concubine drama & palace intrigues that always hook me to a book/movie.

This cover 😻😻😻😻

Descendant of the crane is my biggest anticipated read & I am happy to say I was approved for the DRC on Edelweiss! Right after I finish “The gilded wolves” I’m diving into this book. I’m positive I’m gonna love this book. I mean Palace intrigues? Sign me up 😻

Geesus why are so many 2019 releases covers so beautiful 🥰

Another anticipated 2019 release. I’ve been following Hafsah on twitter for quite a while now since I had my old twitter & she’s so sweet & her debut sounds so amazing. I took a quiz for the book and I’m Zafira who sounds like just my type of female character, fierce and loyal. May 14th come already!

The best slow burn romance out there imo

A reaper at the gates is the third book in the Ember quartet (yay to that news). I read “An Ember in the ashes” and “A torch against the night” last summer in a jiffy, but fear made it hard for me to read Reaper. From what I’ve been hearing it seems some tragic things happened to characters in this one and the only characters I love in this series are Laia & Elias=Elaia. I’ve finally gained the confidence to read it & this time is the right time.

I’ve been listening to the audiobook of The city of brass on and off last year til I dnf’ed it. But it’s been stuck with me since then. I really like Dara’s character, he’s very interesting and cute in his own ways. I never got far in the audiobook to really grasp the plot so maybe I’ll reread the parts I listened to considering I own a copy of this. Audiobooks aren’t really my go-to & I was just testing at the time so now I know not to make the mistake listening to the audiobook of this again.

Honestly, I know I squealed about all those other covers, but this one’s my favorite 🥰❤️

The candle and the flame took my attention with its cover. Since then I checked it out on Goodreads; the mention of ifrit enticed me even farther with this book & the magic in the world seems unique in a way that leads me to want to learn more without actually having started reading the Book (that’s how lovely the description was). The month of May is gonna be wild with these reads.

Ooh this cover!!!

You may have noticed that this is the only contemporary romance I’ve included in this TBR. That’s because I’m not much into contemporary romances. I find it a bit boresome with people eating, sleeping, and arguing over irrelevant men. Even when I used to write contemporary romances (I switched from fantasy to romance for a while *led to the years of no writing in a way*) I’d get so bored and just randomly make a dragon appear or some kind of magical creatures. But this contemporary includes a kpop star & that’s only enough to get me interested. Like I said before, May is a wild month.

Wow! Every time I see this cover my heart leaps ❤️❤️❤️

And lastly, this became my EXTREME most anticipated book a couple days ago when I saw the cover reveal on Twitter and read the description. This is pitched towards kdrama lovers like myself, and if that isn’t enough what else is? I’ve always been fascinated by gumihos since the kdrama “My girlfriend is a gumiho” and couple other dramas I can’t really remember. But I’ve always loved the back story of gumihos & having nine tails is bomb enough to entrance me.

Alas, we’ve reached the end of this tbr. I hope to finish all 10 of these books by the end of the year 2019; but honestly I know I will because of most of these are my anticipated 2019 reads and the others are a continuation of series or really piqued my interesting. Time to move on to the next read, “The Gilded Wolves” by Roshani Chokshi.

4 thoughts on “#YARC2019 reading challenge tbr

  1. AHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SIGNING UP! there are so many incredible books on your list I am screaming I hope you love them all!!!!

    also the wicked fox cover reveal killed me my gosh wow that cover


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